2020 Communication skills in English
2020年度前期  英語コミニケーション クラス分け結果


  • Tuesday/Friday                Mr. Kevin White  
  • Wednesday                       Ms. Arina Brylko  
  • May 6: Note that email address of lecturers was updated.


▼ In the spring semester, class will be done online by using Zoom.
  〇 All participants must prepare their PC environment to utilize Zoom.
  〇 You can download Zoom cliant at https://zoom.us/download .
  〇 To avoid security incident, update Zoom as the latest version before using.

▼ Setting of new gmail account  : added on May-7
 1. Set up a new gmail account for this class
 Name of gmail account should be determined as below,
 [first name].[Family name].fri5@gmail.com
 For example, if your name is Taro YAMADA, and your class is 5th period of Friday,
 use the name of  "taro.yamada.fri5@gmail.com" for a new account.

▼ Participants of all 5 classes are now registed at Moodle : added on May-12
    - Tuesday 4th period

   - Tuesday 5th period

   - Fridayday 4th period

   - Fridayday 5th period

    - Wednesday 4th period

    How to access the online classroom will be notified at above page.


  Tuesday class Wednesday class Friday class
1st week 12-May 13-May 8-May
2nd week 19-May 20-May 15-May
3rd week 26-May 27-May 22-May
4th week 2-Jun 3-Jun 29-May
5th week 9-Jun 10-Jun 5-Jun
6th week 16-Jun 17-Jun 12-Jun
7th week 23-Jun 24-Jun 19-Jun
8th week 30-Jun 1-Jul 26-Jun
9th week 7-Jul 8-Jul 3-Jul
10th week 14-Jul 15-Jul 10-Jul
11th week 21-Jul 22-Jul 17-Jul
12th week 28-Jul 29-Jul 24-Jul
13th week 4-Aug 5-Aug 31-Jul
14th week 11-Aug 12-Aug 7-Aug